DCOG parishoner organizes women's conference

Ocean View resident Laura Hattier and the 24-Seven Youth Ministry at the Dagsboro Church of God (DCOG) will hold the second in a continuing series of “Mission Possible” women’s issues discussions on Sunday, March 5.

The conferences are chiefly for teens and young adults — adults are welcomed to attend, but their participation will be primarily limited to bench support.

Back in November, Hattier invited a Delaware State Police detective (who wished to remain unnamed) to talk about ways to spot, and hopefully avoid, entanglement in abusive relationships.

She said the same detective had agreed to return, this time to speak about drug and alcohol abuse, and again with a focus on how to avoid entanglement, or on encouraging young women to find a way out again.

Most young women have plenty to struggle against — loneliness, depression, fear, anger and low self-esteem — without trying to fight addiction at the same time, she noted. “When people are hurting, or angry, or depressed, they do self-medicate (with alcohol or drugs),” Hattier added. “And it does offer some temporary relief – but it doesn’t work. “My main focus is to how it’s not a real solution for their problems,” she continued. “You might think it’s going to help, but I want to show how it makes things worse.

“I want to talk about idolatry, because that’s really what it is,” she said. “Looking to an idol to fix your life.” And this outlook tends to reinforce itself, Hattier noted, as people gravitate toward like-minded individuals.

The desire to “belong” is especially strong among young women, she added – and that is the great thing about the Mission Possible ministry, she said. “This is a great place to find others who are trying to do things according to the Bible,” Hattier pointed out.

She said many of the young people she’d spoken with considered church groups a great source of strength. The series is non-denominational, but as noted, she plans to incorporate Biblical scripture and Christian themes, and other speakers may do likewise.

She said fellow DCOG parishioner Arlene Murray plans to offer a personal testimony. According to Hattier, Murray’s story isn’t particularly dramatic, but she is a very upbeat speaker.

Keina Harmon is slated to deliver a report on alcohol and drug addiction, she added. In the meantime, Hattier offered a fact or two from her own research: she referenced alcohol as a leading factor in auto crashes, homicides and suicides (themselves the leading causes of death among teens and young adults).

“If we can catch people before they try it, great,” she said. “If we can catch them after they drink or take drugs, great. … The whole idea is to get this information to the girls before something happens,” Hattier pointed out.

The next Mission Possible conference, covering alcohol and drug abuse, is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 21, at the DCOG 24-Seven Youth Center at 6 p.m. For more information, contact the church at (302) 732-6550.