Dagsboro trio sweeps election

Incredibly high election turnout, incredibly unambiguous result. Dagsboro residents swept in three new town council candidates — three candidates who entered the race as a team, running on a platform for change.

Patti Adams, Wayne Baker and Cathy Flowers will now join Council Members Andy Engh and Kurt Czapp, with swearings-in at the council meeting scheduled for Dec. 19 (7 p.m. at the Bethel Center).

According to Town Clerk Stacey Long, 205 residents cast ballots at the poll on Dec. 3, and election officials counted another 16 absentee ballots. Long estimated the total number of registered voters on Dagsboro’s rolls to be around 350.

That indicates a turnout in excess of 63 percent of all registered voters.

Incumbent Mayor S. Brad Connor, who was seeking reelection to a 15th year as mayor, took his upset in stride. In the past, public participation in town government had been rather minimal, he pointed out, suggesting he was pleased to see people step forward.

“I had a lot of good years,” he said. “I think I was able to do a lot of good for the town.”

He congratulated the incoming council members, and predicted council as now reformulated would continue building local prosperity. “They’re all local people, and they’re all going to continue doing great work,” Connor said.

Adams recognized Connor as a hard worker, and capable. She noted his past successes in garnering grant monies for town projects.

“But I think the voters were saying they were ready for a change,” Adams added. “I think they were saying they wanted to be heard.” Adams, Baker and Flowers all characterized council as unresponsive to public opinion.

Bill DeHaven echoed many of their concerns, adding a few issues of his own. A relatively recent addition to the town (DeHaven moved to Dagsboro in 2001), he made five in the best-three-out-of-five election. However, neither the newcomer nor a long-time local could successfully oppose Adams, Baker and Flowers on Dec. 3.