Ocean View seniors manage to connect

Not a week goes by that Ocean View Senior Singles Mingle hasn’t scheduled one activity or another. But just what it is they do is a little harder to pinpoint.
Coastal Point • SAM HARVEY: The Ocean View Senior Singles Mingle members get together at Kool Bean Café.Coastal Point • SAM HARVEY:
The Ocean View Senior Singles Mingle members get together at Kool Bean Café.

According to Edy, the local Senior Singles Mingle treasurer, the group tries to keep things as unstructured as possible. “It’s very informal,” she pointed out.

And it’s more personal than some of the larger organizations, she added — for group junkets on a larger scale, she suggested her contemporaries might go through the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). “This is more potluck,” she said. “More of a daily thing.”

The group congregates at local restaurants to share a meal, with some regularity, but she said it wasn’t a dining club. And they’re not a dating club, either, she pointed out.

According to Dan, the local Senior Singles Mingle president, eight or nine couples had connected up since they formed — and they were welcome to remain members if they wanted (they just couldn’t be officers). But their first and foremost goal was to welcome singles, he said — “We just try to help people feel comfortable, keep people happy.”

Dan noted activities like miniature golf (they frequent an indoor course in Ocean City, Md.), maybe some day-trips like Smith or Tangiers Islands (Virginia) or a cruise on the Lewes-Rehoboth canal, or some local theatre.

Or, something simple, like a game of dominoes — “Something that’s easy on old bones,” quipped Dot, vice president for the group. Once a month, they gather at the Ocean View Coastal Leisure Center on Cedar Neck Road, to sit down and figure out what they wanted to do, where they want to go, she explained. Edy gave much of the credit for organizing activities to Janice, the group’s treasurer for the past two years.

Now more than ever, with the area’s changing demographics, she suggested there was a need for a Senior Singles Mingle in the area.

Not every member had the same interests, and not everyone participated in every activity, but all had become fast friends, Edy said. “It’s just nice to have some companionship,” she concluded. “Enlarge your social sphere a little.”

Membership in the Ocean View Senior Singles Mingle runs just $20 a year, and anyone interested in learning more can reach Edy at 539-9244 or Dot at 537-0533.