Oral histories focus in Bethany

Members of the Bethany Beach Cultural and Historical Affairs Committee (CHAC) met on Monday, Feb. 14, to discuss a variety of ongoing projects under the group’s oversight.

Paul Bleumanschmidt of the Delaware Historical Commission made a presentation to the committee concerning oral histories, one of the projects CHAC is working on as part of their effort to preserve the town’s history through artifacts and stories. The committee has been seeking input from historical experts on what should be included in such histories and techniques for taking them.

Committee members also reviewed a new proposal from Lynch Industries for renovations to the museum space in the town hall lobby. The company’s original proposal included a series of display cases, as well as incorporation of the existing informational boards on the town’s history.

However, the push for the oral history project led the committee to request space for a computer kiosk also be part of the design. Lynch Industries has placed the kiosk and several other requested features in their new proposal.

CHAC Chairwoman and Vice-Mayor Carol Olmstead said a new price quote for the work had yet to be arrived at with the new proposal but would be coming in the near future.

CHAC members also voted to establish a subcommittee to address the collection of historical artifacts for the museum. The committee will serve as a liaison with the community to organize what items are accepted and how information about them is collected as the artifacts are assembled.

Olmstead said plans would be made to reach out to the community with details on how people can donate artifacts once the subcommittee has met for the first time.

Finally, CHAC discussed plans for the committee’s next cultural presentation. The narrated tour through musical history is set for Wednesday, March 2, at the town hall. It is the third in a series of such cultural events planned by the committee.