Donato to decorate Millville with mural

Millville’s town hall will get a new vibe when local artist John Donato completes a mural in the meeting room in the coming weeks.

Donato had proposed several potential projects for the Town, which initially included a mural in the outer vestibule of the newly expanded town hall.

On Tuesday, June 12, the council voted unanimously to approve Donato’s proposed mural for the meeting room, at a cost of $11,500. The mural will be painted on sheets of PVC that will be mounted in the meeting room. It will have a three-dimensional feel, he said, and will portray a collage of items that, collectively, will tell the story of the town.

Donato told the council at its June 12 meeting that the PVC material will be more durable than drywall. Using the PVC panels also makes the mural more portable, he said.

“If you ever want to move it, just unscrew it and it comes right off,” he said. The panels are lightweight and yet the material is very strong. “As an investment, you’re really safeguarding the life of the mural” by putting it on panels rather than on the wall.

The final project is one of four options Donato had presented to the council. 

Plans are for him to start work on it in late June or early July, according to Council Treasurer Susan Brewer, who, along with Councilman Peter Michel, met with Donato to discuss the various options, which ranged in price from $11,500 to $13,800.

In other business, the council this week unanimously approved changes to language in the town ordinance on gross receipts tax. 

The changes clarify that properties that are subject to the state lodging tax are exempt from the Town’s gross receipt tax. The new language also exempts vacant lots and changes “commercially zoned” to “commercially used” to clarify which properties are subject to the tax.

The council also discussed a proposal by Town Solicitor Seth Thompson to establish “community information sessions” that could be used by the Town to provide information on ongoing issues, and Town procedures and processes, as well as to address concerns brought to the council’s attention by members of the community.

By Kerin Magill
Staff Reporter