Get the picture? South Bethany photography show returns

When she photographs, Kira Kaplinski wants to show people the beauty of coastal Delaware.

“The whole area is inspiration. It’s so beautiful. I just love this town,” said Kaplinski, an IT consultant who bought a South Bethany house about three years ago. “The beach is very nice, and wetlands and canals. Every time when I’m walking or running … it’s something new, something that you want to share — so I’m taking the pictures and sharing them with other people.”

She and 20 other people have displayed that beauty in the South Bethany Art in the Hall photography exhibit, located at South Bethany Town Hall. All participants live or own property in or near the town.

Images ranged from macrophotography with close-ups of a delicate coral reef to aerial views of the town from drone-captured images. There are funny and arresting photos of animals around town, such as dogs frolicking and wild deer spotted on the beach. There are also familiar scenes, including local landmarks and all-natural landscapes.

It’s not just paper prints, either. Artists got creative with their media, displaying their images on metal, behind window panes and on cubic blocks. Exhibitors range from professional to hobbyists.

“That’s what I think really makes this a fun and unique exhibit. It is diverse. … Avid weekend photographers or professionals or folks that just like to have fun taking pictures,” said organizer Sue Callaway.

“One of them is just a recent high school graduate, and her family has a home down in this area, and she just couldn’t have been more excited,” she added.

Despite the heavy rains of June 9, the exhibit’s opening reception welcomed a small crowd of neighbors and guests, Callaway said, and the photographers enjoyed seeing each other’s perspectives.

“It really teachers you to open your eyes and look around you,” said Susie Werner, a family attorney who does photography on the side. “It’s something that makes me slow down and look at what’s around me. That’s what I love about taking [and] looking at pictures.”

Her subjects included horseshoe crabs, sunflowers, the moon and eagles.

“I go out every morning on my boat to shoot eagles,” Werner quipped. “The birdwatching out here is some of the best.”

Art in the Hall is displayed at South Bethany Town Hall, 402 Evergreen Road. The public may visit during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., until July 13.

“Everybody should go. … It really lets you see a different aspect of the beach,” Werner said. “It’s not just schlepping your stuff down to the sand. … It’s a great exhibit and shows all the aspects that Southern Delaware has to offer.”

The exhibition is organized by the Town’s Community Enhancement Committee and the Communications & Public Relations Committee.

By Laura Walter
Staff Reporter