Business skills training on offer at bilingual finance lecture

Many people have great ideas for a business, or skills that they can sell. But what is the next step for financing that business venture?

The Frankford Public Library will host a free lecture, “Access to Capital: Growing Your Business,” on Thursday, Aug. 23, at 5:30 p.m. in English and at 6:30 p.m. in Spanish.

“We focus on all the things you need — whether it’s credit, your business plans, loan documents — it focuses on the whole to-do list,” said Sara Crawford-Jones, program director for the Women’s Business Center, which is hosting the lecture for the First State Community Loan Fund.

“I find that a lot of people — men and women who want to be in business for themselves — it starts as an idea or a dream, and they don’t think about all the intricate parts of a business plan,” said Crawford-Jones.

Speaker Lola Campos will review financing options to grow a business: challenges faced by small-business owners when seeking financing; different types of debt financing; what lenders look for; tips and suggestions to request a loan; and loan information from traditional bank or the nonprofit First State Community Loan Fund.

Men and women are welcome at the free information program. Guests can ask about any aspect of the financing process. Some ask about the timeline for a loan (it varies) or the importance of presenting a business plan (usually mandatory).

The mission of First State CLF is to “educate, empower and elevate business owners, and entrepreneurs, by augmenting technical expertise, increasing access to capital and stimulating business growth throughout Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania.” Other business lectures and classes are held in person and online.

The CLF is expanding to become more active in southern Delaware. The Georgetown office is open by appointment, by calling (302) 652-6774.

Walk-ins are welcome at the Aug. 23 program in Frankford. Pre-registration is preferred, but not necessary, and can be done online at or by telephone at (302) 652-6774, ext. 110.

The Frankford Public Library is located at 8 Main Street, Frankford. Call (302) 732-9351 for more information.

By Laura Walter
Staff Reporter