Selbyville plans to lower speed limits on two roads

Selbyville drivers will have to slow their roll — Selbyville plans to reduce speed limits on two roads within town limits.

In the shopping district of Route 113 (Dupont Boulevard), the speed limit is 50 mph. Soon, that will extend farther north along the southbound stretch of the road, approaching the traffic signal at Cemetery Road. Traffic will have to slow down from 55 mph to 50 mph a little sooner when approaching town from the north.

Police Chief Scott Collins said he also believes the Town has submitted its final document for Delaware Department of Transportation to approve a drop to 35 mph along the two-lane Route 54 on the east side of town.

And, to spruce up the highway median, the Town will purchase two new “Welcome to Selbyville” road signs. They will be tan with green text and a color logo of the town seal, costing $1,150 each from Ad-Art.

In other Selbyville news from the Aug. 6 council meeting:

• Selbyville police will have major presence on the roads this month, as they have three grants for distracted driving and DUI patrol.

• Lt. Brian Wilson will be the new school resource officer (SRO) in Selbyville, after Detective Larry Corrigan left the department.

• Construction has begun for a Route 54 water interconnect between Artesian Water Company and the Town. Selbyville will purchase water from Artesian to boost water pressure and prepare for future growth.

• The Annexation Committee will begin investigating the possibility of annexing 10.16 acres owned by Orville Hudson Jr. on Smithfield Acres Road (Tax Parcel 533-10.00-87.00), near Roxana Road, into the R-4 Residential District. The town council unanimously approved the research, with Jay Murray absent.

• A July 12 Mountaire chemical spill did not enter storm drains to affect Selbyville’s wastewater treatment plant, officials reported.

• Town Hall will open bids on Aug. 9 for repairs to Railroad Avenue, three years after a culvert for the Sandy Branch tax ditch began collapsing under the road.

• The Selbyville Industrial Park is now full, so the Town will begin researching how to possibly create a second location for businesses.

• Southern Sussex Rotary was gratefully approved to host the Selbyville Christmas Parade for the second year. The Indian River High School shop and art departments have offered to designed and build a new Santa House for children to visit Saint Nick during the event.

The Selbyville Town Council’s next meeting will be Monday, Sept. 10, at 7 p.m.

By Laura Walter
Staff Reporter