Letter — Denault gains support in election


We, the voters of Bethany Beach, have an opportunity to add to our Town Council a new and outstanding councilwoman, Faith Denault.

With four seats to be filled, the three incumbents (Bruce Frye, Rosemary Hardiman and Lew Kilmer) have clearly earned the right to be re-elected based on their excellent past performances and achievements, so please vote for them.

We have seen firsthand the talents Faith will add to the council. Having worked with her while she was president of the Friends of the South Coastal Library Board during the $2.5 million dollar capital campaign to expand and enhance the library, we witnessed her planning and organization skills combined with an intense dedication to the project.

There were many facets to the project requiring interaction with state, county and local officials, architects, engineers, current library staff, fundraisers, and literally thousands of donors anxious for the project to be completed. It was a fantastic success, and we all have experienced and enjoyed the final product over the past 10 years.

We have had other opportunities to see Faith in action while she chaired the Beach & Bay Cottage Tour (over 600 volunteers), advised on the Quiet Resort Foundation Board, served on Bethany’s Election Board and Seaside Craft Show Committee, and is an active member on Bethany’s Planning & Zoning Commission.

Couple all the above civic activities to enhance the Town of Bethany Beach with her extensive corporate executive experiences and almost 20 years as a Bethany full-time resident, we have a very qualified candidate who is eager to serve as a councilwoman on the Bethany Beach Town Council.

Please vote for and elect Faith Denault on Sept. 8.

Ray Aumiller and Mary Lou Tietz
Bethany Beach