Downtown Millsboro to have more eyes on Main Street

Thanks in part to a $35,000 Fund to Combat Violent Crimes grant, the Millsboro Police Department will soon be able to increase their surveillance capabilities in downtown Millsboro. Millsboro Police Chief Brian Calloway told council members at their regular meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 4, that the department had received the $35,016.45 grant, and he had some plans for that money.

“Right now, I realize we are looking to find a way to redo Main Street, and with that being said, I would like to put a surveillance camera system on Main Street,” said Calloway.

He said that when the department first started looking at the idea, the plan was to put the cameras on telephone poles along Main Street, from the area of the Dollar General all the way down to the police department; however, Delmarva Power would not permit that. Calloway began exploring other options.

“So I had to reach out to several businesses here in town to see if we could actually put these [cameras] on their businesses, and they all agreed to do that.”

Calloway explained that the cameras are wireless, and that “they would just need power from that business, and then they work something like a chain. One camera connects with another camera, which connects with another camera — and we can actually record all this data right in our police department.”

The company that makes the cameras is Advan Tech.

Calloway said the remaining money from the grant would be used to fund overtime patrols. The town council approved his plan unanimously.

“Thank you,” Calloway said to the town council members. “I hope to have this project initiated before the first of the year. I will keep you posted.”

Also at the Sept. 4 meeting, Calloway also announced the promotions of two of his officers to the rank of sergeant. Patrick Forester, a 14-year veteran with the Millsboro Police Department, is being promoted to the billet of shift supervisor, while David Moyer, a 10-year veteran of the department, is being promoted to a detective position. Both officers were pinned with their new ranks by their fathers in a ceremony at the town council meeting.

By Darin J. McCann
Executive Editor