Letter — McGuinness thanks voters, opponents


Thank you to all primary voters who came out to vote Sept. 6. Your support, encouragement and feedback has been very important to my campaign. I want to thank each and every one of you who supported my campaign, volunteered to canvas, made calls, worked the polls or contributed in any capacity to the campaign. Your involvement was critical in our success, and please know how grateful and appreciative I am.

I want to congratulate my primary opponents on the races they ran. It was a well-spirited primary and I look forward to uniting for the general election.

We have shifted gears to the next phase of our campaign, and November is not that far away! Please know that I will continue to press forward, tirelessly, and share with voters my plan to protect our tax dollars, and to make the Auditor’s Office relevant to all Delawareans.

Thank you again!

Kathy McGuiness

Democratic Candidate for State Auditor