Letter — Steele grateful for generosity of many


This year, like last year, I had “free” books if you made a donation to Operation SEAs the Day, in front of my house.

I cannot thank enough all those that contributed either with books or with very generous contributions. Sometimes I would find a bag of books on my porch. There are many stories that were told to me about how the books help them escape reality, at least while they were reading.

Sometimes I would find a handful of change in the drop jar. Once, someone gave me a large sum in the aisle at the G&E Grocery store. People would tell me that they did not have any money at the time, but they came back later to make a donation. Others who never heard about OSTD, went into their pockets for whatever they had so they could help.

There are other stories, but all I can say is, “Thank you for your generosity and support. You made a big difference in the lives of these veterans!”

Last year, you raised $434.14. This year was $1,017.53

Harry Steele

Bethany Beach