Letter — DiFebo’s gets thanks for generosity

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to the people at DiFebo’s restaurant, and a copy was provided to the Coastal Point for publication.

Although a letter is not near enough, we would like to thank you all for your incredible gifts of time, talent and delicious foods to two special organizations that help so many in our community and beyond.

It started with breakfast at the firehouse for Wounded Warriors and their families visiting Bethany. Your generous contributions of delicious foods and hard-working members of your team made for an unforgettable finale to all well-deserving veterans and families. The spirit in the hall was emotional and electrifying, and our hearts were filled with so much gratitude. You all helped to make well-deserved guests feel honored and treated to Bethany’s big heart.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, the DiFebo’s team rallied again later that day and served uncountable numbers of St Ann’s community and beyond to benefit the Saint Vincent DePaul Society. The atmosphere was one of such joy and comfort for all guests. The meals were, as always, 5-star, served in a timely fashion, with such professional service. Every member of your team that evening gave all of themselves to make sure all the guests were given the best of care that we know to always be a part of our favorite DiFebo’s establishment.

We know that you have to be exhausted from such a full day, but please know that all your efforts did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Each and every person from the DiFebo’s crew that we encountered all day had such beautiful smiles and patience with everyone attending. As we well know, that is not easy when you are running at record speed to serve so many.

From all of us, we extend a heartfelt thank-you for everything that made our day of service extra special, and one that we and the many beneficiaries will never forget.

Lenore Thomas, Joe Lane, Mike Galu