Millsboro Friends ask community to support library at event

The Friends of the Millsboro Public Library are continuing their fundraising efforts with a dine-and-donate at Blue Water Grill in downtown Millsboro this week.

The fundraiser will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 26, from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., during which a portion of the proceeds from food sales will be donated to the Friends.

“This annual fundraiser is our eighth event together. We love our community and are happy to support this worthwhile cause,” said Jess Wiggins, who owns Blue Water Grill with her husband, Josh.

“Jess is very, very cooperative with us. She believes in working with the community and supports us entirely,” said Rita Bittner, chair of the fundraising event for the Friends. “She has always been very supportive.”

The Friends host a number of fundraising events — the most well-known, perhaps, being an annual book sale every July, which has now expanded to two weekends.

“In the past, we’ve had an ‘Antiques Roadshow’-type event, where people bring in some of their antiques to be looked at by a very knowledgeable dealer. You can be there the whole time and really learn a lot. We may do one of those in the not-too-distant future,” she said, adding that they also attend Millsboro Town events. “The Town is very supportive, too. When we do a fundraiser, they allow us to put it on their sign.

“There are a lot of people who don’t know where the library is in Millsboro. By having our presence at that event, we’ve managed to not only sell a few books there, but to make people aware of where the library is.”

Bittner said fundraising for the library is critical to help support its programs.

“We support the Children’s Summer Reading Program. They have a lot of different types of people come in — they’ve had a baseball player, magician. There are 10 different weeks where they have the children come and learn about different aspects of life,” said Bittner.

“This summer, they were doing some type of program with the children where they had somebody who is a Master Gardener come over, and helped the children plant a small garden on the side of the library. A lot of children don’t realize where our food comes from, so it was an educational experience for them. And then each week they would get to see how things had grown and progressed.”

She noted that the Friends have helped purchase a number of items for the library, through requests — including a copier and extra bookshelves.

“There’re always needs at the library,” she said. “The Millsboro library is one of the busiest libraries inland with their circulation. The librarians at Millsboro are extremely helpful and always go the extra step to help the people who are there, and I think that’s why a lot of people do come there.”

Bittner said the library is a great resource for anyone and everyone.

“The library is a treasure. The library is open to everyone. You can get a multitude of questions answered through the library. You can be looking for a job, you can be looking for a certain book… The library is a source of all kinds of knowledge,” she said. “Libraries, I don’t think, will ever be out of date… They do have a number of books in Spanish, too. We can also help the large number of people in the Hispanic community.”

Through the library system, patrons can check out newspapers, magazines, books in print format, DVDs and digital media — all free of charge.

“They’re always getting in the newest fiction and non-fiction books. They do stay current in terms of popular authors,” added Bittner. “They look for suggestions, too.”

The Friends currently have about 20 active members but are always looking for more. Those who are interested may ask at Wednesday’s fundraiser or call the library.

“In our Friends group, when we meet once a month, we’ll go around at the end of every meeting and ask those in attendance what they’re reading,” she added. “It’s a good sharing of ideas and recommendations.”

The Friends group meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. in the library’s board room.

Blue Water Grill is located at 226 Main Street in downtown Millsboro. The Millsboro Public Library is located at 217 W. State Street in Millsboro, across from the Millsboro Little League fields. For more information on the library’s services, visit or call (302) 934-8743.


By Maria Counts

Staff Reporter