Letter — Reader asks for more support for police


First and foremost I want to thank the organizer of this [Thank a Police Officer Day in Ocean View] event, Heidi Lentowski, and all of you who were there on Friday, Sept. 14, in support of our police officers.

My concern is where were our elected officials and the other residents beyond the 15 that attended the event? Why didn’t the Town publish this event to all residents?

You do realize in today’s world if one of our officers wound up in a situation and his or hers judgement was put into question, there would be an avalanche of negative energy toward our police department. And you do know that if you, your loved ones or your property was in jeopardy, they would come to your aid without question.

Mrs. Lentowski was tireless in her efforts to make you aware of this event, including posts in social media for months prior to the event and arranging an interview in the Coastal Point.

My challenge to you is, if you were aware of this event and did nothing, you still have time to drop by the police station or stop an officer and say “Thank you.”

If you were not aware of this event, then I apologize for the Town and our efforts. I pledge that next year I will assist Mrs. Lentowski in any way to help promote this event further.

Please support the Blue who support you.

George Dobson

Ocean View