Fowler gets support from reader


In response to the Coastal Point’s Sept. 28, 2018, issue regarding the marina in Ocean View, I would love to speak my mind.

I am disappointed to see this venture being denied, not once, but twice? I can’t understand — a win-win situation for both. A bigger win-win for property owners and tourists to be exposed to this enchanting area.

When the trail opened in 2015, we were perplexed by the trail abruptly ending at a fence. We wanted to get to the marina to walk on the docks to enjoy the atmosphere, but there was no way to do so.

A young lady across the water at the marina told us we could go back and drive to Elliott Avenue if we wanted to check out the marina and get a cold drink. She was pleasant, maybe the owner’s daughter? She let us park there for us to let a child with special needs in a wheelchair see the water and get ice cream.

Reading this article and seeing the denial of this proposal makes me sad that so many others won’t be able to enjoy this enchanting area like we were able to that day. Since then, we don’t do the trail so much due to parking issues only on one end — too long to wheelchair him all the way back.

We do use the marina to launch our boat. We can go up the canal or into the bay. The canal trip in my son’s kayak from the marina was one of the most beautiful trips I have ever been on.

Not understanding the reasoning behind the decision to deny. Looks like code of ethics is more like a head-butt because this owner won the bid years ago. If the property is pieced off and sold, I guess this will be one less attraction for the many that enjoy and use.

Good luck to you, Mr. Fowler — you are one of the few who respect the history and beauty of the area!

Kate Leaman

Frederick, Md.