Letter — Christian Church celebrates its 20th


Bethany Beach Christian Church (BBCC) recently celebrated its 20tth anniversary as a year-round congregation. The “open-air” church had its beginnings with only a handful of members back in 1998. The regional minister who guided the church along its way was Rev. Chris Hobgood. Little did he know that after he “retired” a decade later, he would be called to be BBCC’s minister.

Many are very aware of the Conference Center, where many activities and “camps” participate in the summer months. Those activities have expanded, and the chapel has undergone many renovations so that worship can made available all year long. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Capital Area allows BBCC to use this chapel as a place of worship all year long.

The celebration started on Saturday, Sept. 22, with a dinner and went on to a service on Sunday. The Revs. Jim Crouch, Sir Walter Scott, Chris Hobgood, Nancy Zink and Rusty Hesse were all present at both occasions, with letters from Susan Spurgeon and former interim minister Peter Maurer. These are all the living ministers who have served the BBCC in the last 20 years. A representative, Rev. Laird Thomason, from the Region was also present at the celebration.

The celebration was very successful, and many were in attendance. The Bethany Beach Christian Church invites everyone to their 9:30 a.m. Sunday service. We warmly accept all to worship with us, and all are invited to our communion.

Guy Fisher, Moderator

Bethany Beach Christian Church