Resident asks why action took so long


Today I received a letter from my State District Representative, Rich Collins, advising me and my neighbors in Plantation Lakes that he was allocating funds for the placement of a radar speed sign in the vicinity of our entrance.

I want to remind Mr. Collins that the issue of speeding in the vicinity of the P/L entrance has been brought to his attention multiple times in the past. In March 2015, after many phone calls and letters — not only to him, but Sen. Hocker and DelDOT — as well requesting that the 35 mph speed limit sign be moved to just beyond Godwin School Road for safety reasons, they finally agreed to meet with us on our turf, and we pleaded our case, “Just move the sign 100 yards down the road.”

In return we got all kinds of excuses, i.e., “not enough residents to warrant it,” “need to do (another) study,” “no indication it was a problem,” etc., as to why our suggestion wouldn’t be prudent at that time.

In June, not only did they not move the sign, they increased the speed limit to 45 mph. A year later, there were three accidents at our back entrance; however, they claimed the speed limit had nothing to do with it. If a radar speed sign is such a successful management tool (as your letter states), why wasn’t this action, being offered so benevolently today, implemented 3.5 years ago, Rich?

Delores Clark