Letter — Reader offers kudos to Phillip C. Showell Elementary School


I recently had the opportunity to work with several members of the Lord Baltimore Women’s Club at a Scholastic Book Fair at Phillip C. Showell Elementary School. We helped younger students and teachers choose books for the students to buy from Scholastic.

The students were so eager and excited when they finished choosing the book(s) to buy and take home. What amazed me the most was the care that they took in choosing a book. Some parents had obviously discussed with their child (before the book fair) what book they would choose. It certainly showed that these parents look carefully when announcements are sent home.

I heard some of the children discussing various books and saying things like, “My mother wouldn’t want me to read that book,” or “That book doesn’t seem as interesting as this one.” The children were so polite and well-mannered that it was hard to believe that they were primary students.

I got a tour of the school when our day was over. The students and teachers who were coming and going to lunch were smiling and walking in an orderly manner. Everyone from the front office folk to the teachers and students were welcoming and hospitable.

Hats off to the students, staff and parents in the Phillip Showell family.


Sue Cutter

Ocean View