Letter — Reader thinks South Bethany police issue changed for the worse


South Bethany voted out our former effective, dedicated and competent mayor, Pat Voveris, and now look at what’s happened with the police department controversy. By now, she would have resolved differences with the police chief in a quiet and dignified manner, not in the public arena and in the media.

The town council wants to do away with the police department, and that is an obvious mistake. The residents want a viable and effective police force, and we can afford it. Manageable change needs to be implemented after this devastating controversy over which far too much time, money and effort have been wasted.

Our town council until now never appreciated the thoughtful, effective coalition building of our former female mayor, so presently, we deal with chaos, controversy and vitriol. That’s why voters have to be extra-careful about making radical changes in local government and be very wary of who they replace in positions of governance. If they aren’t careful, town policies can and do change for the worse.


Kathy A. Megyeri

South Bethany