Letter — Politician says thanks


On behalf of Rob Arlett, the Delaware Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate, and Tina Latshaw, our Sussex County volunteer coordinator, I would like to thank our voters, supporters, and, especially, our volunteers who succeeded in defeating Sen. Carper in Sussex County.

It was through your understanding of the issues at stake in this mid-term election and your determination to do what is best for Delaware workers that led to victory in our county.

Even though we won in Sussex, we did not defeat Sen. Carper, and it is a loss to all Delawareans that so many voters were unable to recognize the gradual erosion of education, jobs and religious freedom in Delaware under the current one-party leadership. At a time when most Americans are enjoying the benefits of a booming economy, the poverty levels have increased in only two states. Delaware is one of those.

Thanks to each of you for your tireless efforts to propel Rob Arlett to a victory in Sussex. You can be proud of the job you did. Now we all need to continue to be active and to pray that eyes, minds and hearts can be opened to the losses in the state of Delaware in businesses and freedoms under total Democrat control. Whether we are from here or chose to come here, we can all treasure our First State and work to return Delaware to being First in education, business and quality of life for all.



Philip M. Drew,

Former Sussex County Chairman

Rob Arlett for U.S. Senate Campaign