Local stores offer plenty for holiday season

And, now, the holiday season has officially begun. 

Once the Thanksgiving feast has been cleared off tables across these fruited plains, the focus of our nation largely turns to Christmas and Hanukkah, which means a giant portion of our focus turns to shopping. There is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday spread out over those first four post-Thanksgiving days, and the beat marches on through much of December.

Those big three days are great. They get cash moving across our economy, give people more opportunities with paying hours and allow our consumer base to purchase items at discounted rates — something that is always welcome.

But let’s not forget our local merchants and shops once the thrill of the shopping “holidays” has ebbed. 

Shopping local invigorates our community’s economy, keeps “Main Street” a unique and special place, offers the potential for those specialty gifts that you just can’t find in the chains and helps a local business owner stay afloat. Granted, we are a local business here at the Point, so we may be biased, but we feel that our arguments have merit, either way.

Enjoy the holidays this year, and get out and do some of your shopping local.