Letter — Reader has thoughts on IRSD referendum


If you read the Nov. 30 article in the Coastal Point regarding the IRSD, then you are aware that they are seeking another referendum on Feb. 5, increasing the property tax by 44 cents per $100 of assessed value (another referendum).

The school district anticipates the 35.24[-cent] assessment for capital expense will slide back to zero in 20 years, and if they continue their trend of continuing referendums, that will be a moot point.

They say one of the hardships facing them is that the corn fields are becoming developments, thus increasing the burden on the school district in the future.

I offer the following:

• How many new homes are forecast, and what would be the increase in the property tax collected for these new homes?

• Of the new houses being built, what percentage of purchasers are families with children vs. retired individuals with no children and vacation home purchasers that would not impact the school district?

• Has anyone considered freezing the property tax at the current rate and establishing a use tax — a tax per child registered in the school district?

With this concept, you pay for each child, and the tax would slide back to zero when your child graduates.

The bottom line is the school district says “I want, I want, I want,” and the property owner “I pay, I pay, I pay.”


George Dobson

Ocean View