ACTS volunteer grateful for help with its taxes


Thank you, Mr. Hocker and Mr. Gray!

Many in the area know about ACTS. We accept donations and sell them at a very discounted price. We then turn the money around and give to local charities, from fire departments to local food banks. We give back about $250,000 to $300,000 a year to the community. All of our workers are volunteers. We do have some costs, ranging from trash removal (our largest) to plumbing costs and other various costs.

This year, we were surprised to get a very large bill for a property tax. We had never had to pay for this because we are definitely a non-profit. The IRS gives us this status, but evidently Delaware decided to tax us, as we were incorporated after 1988. We incorporated in 1989.

Mr. Hocker and Mr. Gray have come to our rescue. They are introducing legislation to make us once again free of taxes so that we can give back to the community.

At times our volunteers are harassed by those looking for a bargain in our low-priced store. Some of our volunteers may get short with customers. Please forgive these wonderful volunteers. We certainly mean well, but at times we are over worked and mature (old).

On the other hand, there are so many customers who pay extra because they know all of the money goes back to the community and so many who thank us for volunteering. These comments are always wonderful to hear. Consider volunteering with our ACTS family.

Again, thank you, Mr. Hocker and Mr. Gray!!


Guy Fisher

ACTS volunteer