Letter — Reader: No more taxes, growth until infrastructure is ready


I believe that a tax increase was passed about two years ago, when Mrs. Bunting was the [Indian River School] district superintendent.

There is a growing problem with any type of growth in Sussex County that needs to be addressed before any more schools get built in that area. That problem is what to do with the sewer problems and safer drinking water supplies in all of Delaware.

How can you expect to expand the schools and not find a permanent solution to the need for the sewer problems and the contaminated water. The first example is the old pickle facility that now has become a bigger problem, when it became a chicken facility. Nothing makes sense here.

Can we suggest some modular trailers to be added to the existing schools?

I believe the growth is not sustainable in the first place. Any type of growth requires more new roads, expand existing roads and shoulders, more water retention ponds and drainage ditches, more traffic studies, more traffic signals. All of this results in more traffic. Tourists and beach home owners don’t want or need more traffic.

Now, most importantly, the cost is too much for DelDOT and the General Assembly to take on, without timely and cost-effective ways to handle the growth.

No more growth in Sussex County until the roads are built in place. That means no more tax increases for schools.


David A. Gordon

Sea Colony