Let your New Year’s memories be good ones

There are a few days each year which are simply meant to be celebrated. And certainly near the top of that list is New Year’s Eve.

It is a fun mental exercise to just “cast out” the events and stresses of one year, and welcome in the proverbial clean slate of a new one. We celebrate by making reservations for nice dinners, compiling lists of resolutions and going out to hold a champagne toast as the clock strikes midnight.

Of course, that champage toast is often not the only adult beverage consumed over the course of an evening for those celebrating the new year. In fact, the very link between going out to dinner and staying until “the ball drops” often leads to quite a few adult beverages being consumed.

And that’s fine. Enjoy the evening. Celebrate the arrival of a whole new year. Go crazy. But do not drive.

Nobody else signed up to be the victim of your over-celebrating, and nobody else is interested in losing a loved one because you can’t be responsible enough to arrange for transportation when you have a good idea you’ll be drinking to excess.

Make it a night of wonderful memories you can hold on to forever, not nightmares that haunt you and others because of your selfishness.