New custom golf club shop opens in Millville

Golfers looking for a way to improve their game with a custom club can now find that locally in Millville, thanks to a new shop that opened recently.

Custom Clubs of Frederick at Bethany Beach is owned and operated by Michael Bednarcik. It is a full-service professional club-fitting and -repair center. He recently opened the new location at 32782 Cedar Drive in Millville. The shop is relocating from Ijamsville, Md., where he had been operating it for the past 20 years.

Bednarcik is now retired, after spending 30 years as a teacher in the Montgomery County (Md.) School District. He had been operating his custom golf-club business while also teaching. Now completely out of the classroom, he is devoting more of his time to the club business.

He and his wife, Amy, sold their house in Maryland and relocated to the Bear Trap Dunes.

“I worked two jobs for the past 20 years,” Bednarcik said. “People come to me for a club — whether it’s a driver, a wedge or even a putter. It takes about two hours for a custom club fit. I would say 80 percent of my business is from the custom clubs, 10 percent on re-shafting clubs, and 5 percent on re-grips and emergency-type things.”

Bednarcik decided on the Millville location after connecting with Mike Cummings of Miken Builders in Millville. Following some discussion, Bednarcik decided to open up the shop in the same commercial office complex located on Cedar Drive.

Bednarcik uses information gathered from the Flightscope X2 golf simulator — a ball launch monitor — to create his clubs. The information collected includes swing, speed, ball angle and trajectory, along with several other components. All of it helps to create the perfect custom club for the golfer.

Over the years, Bednarcik has become well-known in the golf club industry for his work, having been recognized with numerous awards. Golf Digest honored him in 2011 as one of America’s Top Clubfitters. Cobra Golf named him a Top 30 Clubfitter in the USA, while Mizuno Golf named him a Top 100 Clubfitter in the USA as well.

Bednarcik has also been named a Maryland Clubmaker of the Year four times over. He holds countless certifications, and has attended and spoken at several classes and seminars over the years. He has been featured in many publications, both locally and nationally, and has several designations and honors for his work.

“Right now, I probably see five to 10 people a week,” Bednarcik estimated. “I get people in with all different types of club requests — putters, drivers. I expect that number to jump come mid-January, after the holidays and stuff have calmed down.”

Bednarcik and his wife also recently joined Cripple Creek Golf & Country Club, and he said he envisions getting back into his own golf game more often this upcoming season.

“It was tough this past year, with the move and everything,” he admitted. “With joining Cripple Creek, we are certainly looking forward to getting back out there more often. Hopefully, it will lead to more business as well.”

With his hours by appointment only, Bednarcik is inviting those interested in the potential for getting themselves clubs, or who just want more information on the process, to contact him at (301) 471-4825.


By Jason Feather

Point Reporter