Reader: ‘Illegals’ are a threat to America


So Los Angeles teachers are complaining about overcrowded classrooms in a district where 85 percent of the children are considered “at risk.” Too bad, L.A.! What do you expect, when you’re in a sanctuary state?

When you keep dumping illegal children into our schools, everyone pays the price. Monies budgeted for educating American children is now spread out to include teaching illegals to speak English, and American children to speak Spanish, in addition to providing the illegals with school supplies, transportation and free meals. Their parents have no desire to learn English, so they bring their children as interpreters when applying for public assistance.

Don’t be fooled by politicians who say illegals aren’t eligible, either. Millions of dollars are set aside for that very thing. Remember the “Birther” law? Although it was created to legalize children born here of parents who served as slaves, liberals extended that to include children of illegal immigrants who broke our laws to get here, then gave birth.

In states like California and Delaware (sanctuary states), education of American children will continue to suffer as long as educators have to use their funds for people who shouldn’t be here. Politicians are more concerned about Mountaire, Perdue and Tyson than the struggling Americans and their children.

If you believe that those thousands at our southern border truly need asylum, then you’re either gullible or downright stupid. They know “asylum” is their magic keyword, which is why we need a physical barrier, as well as elimination of the “birther” law.

We’re rewarding law-breakers with the ultimate prize: citizenship for their children. We need to change the narrative from “undocumented” to what it is: “illegal!”

Liberal politicians won’t stop until America becomes a socialist country, which will be the downfall of capitalism, the very foundation of the United States. God have mercy on us.


Diane Simmons