Put that New Year’s resolution into action

So New Year’s has come and gone. We all planned on getting in better shape, to exercise more, to quit smoking, to quit drinking, to stop eating sugar and to lose weight. Sound familiar? Of course! We all do it, and I, for one, am a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, because it’s actually a form of goal-setting.

However, here we are, one month later, and many have not stuck to our goals. It is not too late! Start today and stick with it.

You can’t accomplish much if you don’t set a goal to complete. Now is the time to make all the positive changes we need in order to be a better version of ourselves, right?

With that being said… How do we choose where, how and with whom to train? These days, there are many different workout options from which to choose. Having choices is not bad — in fact, it is beneficial — but making the right choice for you can be overwhelming.

My first suggestion is to do your research. Find a few locations that are within 3 miles of your home or office. According to statistics, most people won’t travel outside of a 3-miles radius because “it is inconvenient.”

Next, read the reviews, both good and bad. What others have experienced will be a good indication of what you can expect. Also, plan a visit to a studio that seems right for you. Observe the atmosphere, employees and other members. You must be comfortable; otherwise, you just won’t attend, no matter how serious you are about your goals.

Most importantly, identify a certified fitness professional. Do your research! Most trainers who have an NCCA accredited certification are going to be a good candidate. In order to receive this certification, one must meet stringent standards and put in a lot of effort. Look for someone who has at least one to five years of experience, especially if you have specific medical conditions that need to be carefully treated.

Once you have identified a qualified trainer, take advantage of the complimentary session that should be offered to you in order to make sure you’ve found the right fit.

Finally, make the investment. Statistics show that only 5 percent of people who join a health or fitness center reach their desired results by working on their own — 5 percent! Compare this stat to those who have a structured program, administered by a fitness professional. Of these, 80 percent reach their desired results. That’s an insane discrepancy.

With obesity and Type II diabetes on the rise, and heart disease being the No. 1 cause of death in America, my question to you would be, how can you not afford it, with statistics like that? The average American spends $1,000 each month on food outside of the home. These include snacks, dinners out and fast food. Training doesn’t cost that much, at least not in our facility. Set your priorities and stick with them.

Erik Schreiber is the owner/operator of CustomFit360 in Millville. He is a metabolic conditioning coach, lifestyle and weight-management specialist, and certified nutrition specialist. He can be reached at customfit360de@gmail.com or (703) 626-3157.


By Erik Schreiber

Special to the Coastal Point