Local students named to Dean’s List at UD

A number of local students have been named to the University of Delaware Dean’s List for the Fall 2018 semester. They include: Brooke Mitchell of Selbyville, Amanda Beam of Fenwick Island, Ashlyn Calhoun of Millsboro, John Douds of Selbyville, Jessica Walsh of Bethany Beach, Christina Diakos of Frankford, Victor Degeorge of Bethany Beach, Randy Short of Frankford, Sarah Buchler of Frankford, Alina Christenbury of Millsboro, John Messeck of Millsboro, Avery McCormick of Millville, Haley Lloyd of Millsboro, Nicolas Caceres of Millsboro, Taylor Pritchett of Millsboro, Michelle Curtis of Bethany Beach, Jarad Godwin of Frankford, Adamari Rodriguez of Millsboro, Phoebe Walls of Ocean View, Kenya Purnell of Frankford, Sarah Wylie of Frankford, Kayla Huebner of Frankford, Paige Troublefield of Frankford, Madison Lively of Ocean View, Allison Shovel of Selbyville, Gabriella Castillo of Ocean View, Emma Engel of Selbyville, Holly Schilling of Selbyville, Madison Thune of Selbyville, Mariann Agapito of Millsboro, Daysi Torres-Vanegas of Millsboro, Zoe Richard of Ocean View, Nathan Sirkis of Bethany Beach, Liana Williams of Millsboro, Meghan Paulus of Ocean View, Karla Sandoval-Haro of Selbyville, Zoe James-Collins of Millsboro, Norma Cruz of Millsboro, Samantha Green of Millsboro, Josh Barrow of Ocean View, Bethany Moran of Ocean View, Timothy Krajewski of Millville, Kiara Hall of Millsboro, Robert O’Neill of Millsboro, Leah Kneller of Millsboro, Dylan Hudson of Frankford, Margaret Ford of Frankford, Camryn Hinton of Millsboro, Carly Precht of Millsboro, Alex Carey of Selbyville, Colin Smith of Ocean View, Taylor Deacon of Millsboro, Makenzie Collins of Selbyville, Skyler Hudson of Frankford, Jack Dunn of Selbyville, Andrea Elsby of Selbyville, Kennedy Butch of Selbyville, Brianna Dorey of Millsboro, Lindsay Mann of Bethany Beach, Chase Klemkowski of Millville, Allison Walsh of Bethany Beach, Caitlyn Wicecarver of Millsboro, Chloe Pilkerton of Fenwick Island, Linda DiNenna of Frankford, Robert Wilgus of Ocean View, Emily Baranowski of Ocean View, Lauren Smith of Selbyville, Matthew Schrock of Millsboro, Sydney Pulcinella of Millsboro, Bridget Langan of Fenwick Island, Natalie Mullen of Ocean View, Francine Mancuso of Millsboro, Walker Chavatel of Selbyville, George Ward of Bethany Beach, Tia Persolio of Millsboro, Matthew Libby of Millsboro, Samantha Whelen of Ocean View, Emily Tharby of Selbyville, Priya Patel of Frankford, Sheryl Ariste of Ocean View, Taylor Woodington of Selbyville, Anthony Harrison of Millsboro, Kelhan Bailey of Bethany Beach, Nathaniel McCabe of Frankford, Rebecca Arpie of Millsboro and Bailey Singer of Millville.

To meet eligibility requirements for the Dean’s List, a student must be enrolled full-time and earn a GPA of 3.33 or above (on a 4.0 scale) for the semester.