A Referendum response


I was upset and angry when I read in this week’s Coastal Point that the IRSD referendum failed (and failed by quite a large margin). We are talking about children and their learning environment here. I can’t believe that anyone would vote against a tax that would in any way benefit the education of our children.

Superintendent Steele indicated that capacity is already an issue in some schools. Would you want your child in a classroom with 30 or 35 other students? I am a former educator, and I have seen what it’s like to have overcrowded classrooms (in Baltimore). Rarely in those cases can a teacher give any kind of individualization to his/her instruction. Well, then, you say — just hire an additional teacher. Ooops — no money for that.

I have heard those voices that say, “My children are grown and I’m retired. I’m not paying an additional tax for something to benefit children that I don’t know” or, even worse, I have heard remarks that I wouldn’t repeat in which the persons indicated that they voted no because they felt that it is a racial issue. I sincerely hope this isn’t the case.

I am retired, and my children are grown and my grandchildren are grown, but I believe that without a solid educational foundation, our future generations cannot survive and our country cannot thrive.

I was happy to see in the article that the majority of the folk in my polling location, Lord Baltimore Elementary, favored the referendum. And, yes, many of us are old retirees with no kids in the IRSD and living on a budget.


Sue Cutter

Ocean View