IRSD will still move on


Our Indian River School District Referendum failed by just a few votes. The school district will bring a new vote to the taxpayers of this district very soon. It is becoming a pattern.

I encourage Superintendent Steele to refrain from referring to our students as “zombies” wandering our school hallways. I found this reference to be very demeaning and unprofessional. Zombies are not real. Our students are real. They are the future of our county, state and nation. They are the reason that we have the Indian River School District. They are the reason thousands are employed by our school district.

Yes, the school hallways are crowded, and educational time is being diminished by our growing student population within the school space we presently have.

A large and growing population of retired citizens make up the taxpayers of Sussex County and the Indian River School District. Many of their budgets are challenged by increasing property taxes. They and their needs cannot be ignored. We retirees tend to vote frequently — more frequently than working parents with children in our school district. Voting by mail would benefit the working parents. Voting by mail is an “educated” option.


Lloyd E. Elling

Ocean View resident