Possible Millsboro switch is an idea to consider

Millsboro officials are discussing an idea that would result in moving the Town’s administrative offices into the location where the current police department sits, while moving the Millsboro Police Department to the site of the current Millsboro Town Center.

And we like this idea.

Before we get too deep with this, consider that this has not really been dissected more than in raw conceptual terms. There have not been official traffic or feasability studies, and there is no set cost as to what it would take to make it happen — which we all know is always a major consideration. So, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet.

That being said, there is quite a bit to generate real interest in the idea. With much of the growth in Millsboro coming from the western part of the town, it would make sense that police officers would have better access by moving to the site of the Millsboro Town Center. Of course, that location spiderwebs out into nearly every direction of town, providing the best access one could easily ask for in regards to emergency services.

Also, a shiny new administrative building greeting people who enter Millsboro from the east would be an aesthetic addition, as well as enhancing the downtown atmosphere that is about to get several significant upgrades due to improvement projects.

Millsboro is already the fastest-growing municipality in Sussex County, and they will continue that growth in a smart way if they proceed on their current course.

We believe they will.