Selbyville will have a contested election

For the first time in years, Selbyville residents will have an opportunity to vote in a town council election.

Elections are usually canceled in the ever-expanding town, simply because the incumbents are the only people who file to run each year. That’s still the case this year for the mayoral race, as the one candidate for mayor is longtime incumbent Clifton C. Murray.

But this year there are three candidates for the two council seats up for election: incumbents Frank Smith III and Clarence W. Tingle Jr., and challenger William A. Thompson. Council terms are two years.

Although the town hasn’t hosted an election for years, residents must have registered with the Town in order to vote — state voter registration does not count. The deadline to register to vote in the 2019 election was Feb. 8. People can contact Selbyville Town Hall to inquire about their registration status, at (302) 436-8314.

The 2019 election will be Saturday, March 2, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Selbyville Town Hall, 68 West Church Street, Selbyville.


By Laura Walter

Staff Reporter