Referendum aftermath


I was deeply disappointed and saddened to read the results of the IRSD referendum vote. I understand the personal financial situations many face; many of our friends and neighbors are retired and live on fixed incomes. None of us like to pay more taxes (in fact, many moved here because of the low taxes and financial stability).

While I am almost 80 and have not had children in school for almost 30 years, each of us must look to the future and recognize the children being impacted by our funding decisions will one day soon be the leaders of our community, state and country.

Accordingly, don’t we owe them the best, or at least adequate educational facilities? When the superintendent tells us the halls are so crowded that children routinely receive “late hall passes” because they cannot get from one class to another, that is an unacceptable situation.

I was so pleased when the district displayed financial accountability by reducing our taxes after paying down some of the district debt. I told all my friends from other locales that if another referendum was proposed, it would surely pass, because the district had been such a good steward of public funds. They were all stunned to hear that a school district was so financially responsible.

I sincerely hope the district tries again soon so that we have the opportunity to properly provide for the children who live here.


Dirk Fox

Bethany Beach