A reader shares thanks


Thank you for your editorial, “We are our biggest enemy these days.” It is not the faint of heart who will dare wade into the fetid swamp of identity politics and societal herd non-think fostered by big media and our narcissistic self-serving “representatives.”

I agree with you that we need to listen to each other and find some solid footing from which we can communicate and together find our way out of this national predicament. That said, like you, I don’t have a solution. I do know from experience that we need to pay attention and care.

Our country’s foundational principles and future are in play. People fail, leaders fail, countries do fall. Just because it hasn’t happened does not mean it can’t. We do need to discern fact from opinion, nonsense from aspiration and naked politics from principle.

You are quite correct the media bears immense responsibility here. In a recent “Lone Ranger” episode, the tagline was ‘It is trouble when a bad man runs the town newspaper” (a short window into a typical retirement day). It is good we have you and your intrepid reporters to gather the facts for us.

Reporting the Good (“A Night to Shine”), the Bad (environmental accidents) and the Ugly (“dumpster sitings”), as well as the Danté-esque reportage of endless town and county meetings — which is akin to reporting from the Third and Fourth Rings of Hell — is done by your folks with clarity and grace.

All news is really local news. The way it’s reported will influence the way we think and communicate with each other. Thank you, Coastal Point, for shouldering this serious responsibility with care.


Sarah Smith

Ocean View