Reader favors legalization


Last night I attended Gov. Carney’s State of the State Town Hall meeting in Milford. I listened to the governor speak and take questions from constituents. His message focused on creating jobs, increasing state revenue, and improving education and health care in Delaware. I agree with these priorities.

But the governor seems to be ignoring one idea that would have a positive effect on all of these areas by creating hundreds of jobs and generating significant tax revenue, which could then be used to fund programs in education, health care, law enforcement and more.

The idea: create a regulated and taxed system for the legal consumption of cannabis for adults in Delaware.

A taxed and regulated system will replace an existing illegal industry, transferring millions of dollars from criminal enterprises to the state government.

It will create hundreds of jobs in multiple industries, including retail, construction, HVAC/electrical, accounting, legal, manufacturing, security, agriculture, tourism, etc.

A taxed and regulated cannabis market will generate substantial tax revenue while reducing government spending on law enforcement. It will stimulate agricultural growth with a lucrative cash crop. It will provide a legal and effective exit strategy for opiate and alcohol addiction. It will provide consumer protections and product choices and numerous other benefits to the state and its residents.

Polls show that nearly two-thirds of Delaware citizens favor cannabis legalization.

While our neighbors are moving in this direction, Delaware will be left behind.

It is time to enact legislation enabling all adults in Delaware to consume cannabis legally and let us all reap the benefits.

History has proven that prohibition does not work.


Dan Winschel

Bethany Beach