Gallery One gets both ‘Warm & Cool’ for March

This month, the theme for the artists at Gallery One is a play on words: “Warm & Cool.” With the artists contemplating the chilly temperature outside (while feeling optimism for the warmth to come) and the artistic rule of juxtaposing warm and cool colors to make for a balanced composition.

In her description for “Looking South, Bethany Beach,” Laura Hickman captures both ideas.

“On this cold January morning in Bethany Beach,” she said, “the warm colors of the rising sun mingle with the cool colors of the dunes in shadow. In some areas, even the colors in the shadows of the sand are warm due to the reflection of the sky above, creating a calm composition of warm and cool hues.”

Artist Lesley McCaskill’s acrylic painting “View from the Trail” captures the drama of early morning light. The low light intensifies the warm colors against the cool shadowed areas.

In “Warm Bodies, Cold Feet,” an acrylic painting by Joyce Condry, sanderlings are seen skittering along the water’s edge while contentedly cooling their feet in the surf, despite the chill of winter.

“Daydreaming,” an acrylic painting by Jan Moffat, illustrates how nature’s palette randomly mixes warm and cool colors in a field of wildflowers.

“Reflections,” an acrylic painting by Dale Sheldon, is designed to make people long for the warmth of summer while relishing the atmospheric colors of winter. Sunlight is reflecting on the water and the wet sand, while also brightening the clouds in the sky. Warm colors of the sun against the cool blues of the sky and water give a feeling of atmosphere.

Michelle Marshall’s acrylic painting “Sunrise over the Marsh” is an ethereal take on a warm sunrise over the marsh. As the mist burns off high in the atmosphere, the fiery start to morning dissolves into the waiting cool blue sky of day.

Artist Cheryl Wisbrock’s watercolor painting “Rising Tide” brings people back to summer’s warm afternoon light, making the gold and tan grasses glow against the cool grays and blues of the changing tide on the bay. The painting depicts a beautiful day at the edge of the marsh.

“Checkerboard Kids: Sledding,” an acrylic mixed-media painting by Mary Bode Byrd, is part of a series of whimsical paintings depicting winter fun. The painting is done in predominantly cool blues, with a “pop” of yellow to light up and warm up the painting.

“Ocean Side Village” is an acrylic painting by Eileen Olson, who abstract painting is an exercise in color theory, with a focus on cooler colors with hints of warmer colors to create a sense of harmony. The warm colors of peaches and rusts evoke warmth, reminding people of the sun or fire. The cooler colors, such as the grays and blues, remind people of the coolness of the water and sky.

“Morning Surf” an acrylic painting by Dianne Shearon, visually sums up the artistic theme of warm and cool with the natural cool blue of the ocean balanced with a sunrise done in nature’s warm palette of oranges and saffron.

Gallery One is open Thursday through Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and is always staffed by an artist. It is located at 32 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26) Ocean View and can be reached by calling (302) 537-5055, or visit for more information.