Valor Awards celebrate our true local heroes

The Joshua M. Freeman Valor Awards, presented by the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce, took place at the Cove at Bayside last week, and, once again, it served as a clear reminder that this entire community owes a debt to the first-responders who protect us from danger, and rush to save our lives every day.

Every single day. Every single year.

While it’s a common narrative to opine that we don’t have those “big-city” problems for our law enforcement officers to deal with, a different point might be that our local law enforcement does a remarkable job enforcing our laws, patrolling our streets and interacting with leaders of our community. Maybe that, along with a strong local economy and involved citizens, is why we don’t have some of those “big-city” problems. Their dedication, training and commitment — which were all celebrated and recognized at the Valor Awards — convinces us that we have the right people protecting us.

And the same goes for our EMT, EMS and firefighters. Yes, we are a small community that doesn’t find itself in the national news very often, but we do have fires. We do have accidents. We do have people suffer from heart attacks and other health emergencies, and our local heroes answer the call.

Every single day. Every single year.

We are extremely proud of those who have dedicated their lives and careers to protecting the rest of us, and thank the Valor Awards for reminding us of their exemplary efforts every year.