Sussex County Council appoints John Williamson to Board of Adjustments

The Sussex County Council this week appointed John Williamson to serve on the County’s Board of Adjustment.

“I have been a lifelong member of Sussex County, and I’ve been active member of my church and community,” said Williamson, noting he’s also been involved in Lower Sussex Little League and River Soccer Club.

During the drafting and implementation of the County’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan a dozen years ago, he was not involved; however, he later realized the plan would impact his life and that of his family.

“I became interested in the 2018 Comprehensive Land Use draft because issues of quality of life, affordable housing and land use would be with my children as they move forward with their lives.”

Williamson has previously served on the Blackwater Village Home Owners Association.

During his public interview before the council, he said he would be “grateful for any and all guidance” while serving in the position.

“One of the many things I’ve learned in life is I am not always the smartest person in the room,” he said.

Williamson was nominated to the position by District 4 Councilman Doug Hudson. The council voted 5-0 to approve his appointment.


By Maria Counts

Staff Reporter