Local police rightfully recognized for their efforts

When discussing what makes our community such an attractive place to live, the answers one might hear most frequently center on the beach, inland bays, low taxes, good schools and public safety.

HomeSnacks.net analyzed crime statistics from 20 municipalities throughout the state with a population of more than 2,000 and Ocean View was named the safest — with Millsboro finishing ninth and Selbyville taking 10th. That is not a ranking from the Coastal Point, the Ocean View Town Council, the Millsboro Chamber of Commerce or the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce, by the way.

That comes from an unafilliated, analytics-based study. And everyone in our area has more-than-ample reason to be proud of the work done by the men and women in local law enforcement.

Ocean View Police Chief Ken McLaughlin credited having dedicated officers and a Town that supports the department as being two keys. His Millsboro counterpart, Chief Brian Calloway, said, “We work with out community, whether it’s developing Neighborhood Warch programs, whether it’s just doing outreach... I’d like to hope that’s what contributed to our ranking.”

Like everywhere else in this country, we do have crime. We do have drugs. We do have problems. But we are fortuante to have police departments that invest of themselves in our communities, and work with the citizenry to help lessen these problems and keep the rest of us safe.