It’s nearly ‘Tulip Time’ at Gallery One


Gallery One recently announced the theme of its April exhibit, “Tulip Time,” open to the public April 3-30. “Tulip Time” is designed to celebrate the coming of spring by paying tribute to the tulip.

“Tulips have different symbolism in different cultures. In the Middle East, they’re considered a symbol of paradise. In the Netherlands, they’re thought to represent the brief, but vibrant nature of life,” organizers noted. “Gallery One this month is bursting with that vibrancy!”

Lesley McCaskill’s acrylic painting “Spring Blossoms,” with its bright colors and forms popping from the canvas like the buds bursting from the ground, aims to capture the essence of spring. The painting depicts a scene from her own garden and offers viewers the color and warmth they may have been missing.

“Spring is Here!” a pastel painting by artist Laura Hickman, aims to make the viewer feel as though they are actually in the backyard spring garden of their winter dreams. In “Dutch Treat” an acrylic painting by Joyce Condry, the warm orange colors of the tulips are set off by the cool blues in the painting’s background, reflecting the emerging warmth of spring from the cool of winter.

Artist Mary Bode Byrd’s mixed-media painting “Blazing Blooms” depicts dark pink tulip blooms, “speaking of the romantic nights and sunny days of fragrant spring. The painting has both a delicacy that speaks of the ephemeral nature of spring and a bold use of color that celebrates the flower’s triumphant emergence.”

“River of Flowers,” Dale Sheldon’s acrylic painting, leads the viewer through a river of blue flowers flowing past red and yellow tulips planted along the bank, with white ones dominating the foreground. The bright colors of the flowers contrast against the green of early spring and the neutrals of the surrounding landscape.

“Tip Toe through the Tulips” is the title of artist Pat Riordan’s watercolor painting. “Her tulips dance across the canvas almost as if in anticipation of the spring whose arrival they herald!”

Eileen Olson pays tribute to the tulip in her acrylic painting, “Homage to Tulips,” aiming to honor the tulips that fill Bethany Beach each and every year.

Gallery One is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is always staffed by an artist. The gallery is located at 32 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26) in Ocean View and can be reached by calling (302) 537-5055, or visit ­­ for more information.