A real talk about the word ‘fake’


Are we living in a “fake” world?

President Donald Trump’s leadership in the life of the U.S.A. has been defined by one word in nearly every avenue of our lives... “fake.” Daily news sources are fake news reports? Our local supermarket is having fake sales. Our Indian River School District is having a fake referendum. My college degree is a fake diploma?

Churches are all teaching a fake religion? My chiropractor is providing my neck pains fake treatments? I must be feeling fake improvement? The gasoline I purchased for my car is fake gasoline? I need a new car, and every auto lot, one finds fake deals, fake services, fake cars? The police department in Ocean View is a fake. Hence, my speeding ticket is a fake?

How far has the word fake permeated into our lives? Is this commentary to our local newspaper a fake letter to the editor?

Enough! This letter to the editor is real. What is also real is the harm being done to our societies when a president repeats and repeats a lie about fake news. The Coastal Point newspaper is not a fake news source. Fox News is not a fake news source. CNN is not a fake news source.

Our local supermarket has very real sales of their products. Our Indian River School District is having a very real referendum designed to improve our children’s education. Churches teach the religion they believe is the best interpretation they have. My neck pains are indeed diminished by my old friend and debater, Donald Hattier, chiropractor and school board member.

I may need a new car, but I am 72 years of age, and the question should be why at this age. The police department in Ocean View is a very professional and a community-focused police force, even though I no longer live in “Town of Ocean View.” No, I have not received a speeding ticket, as I am fully aware where the Ocean View patrol officers park on West Avenue, pretending to block out the sun’s rays behind a row of pine trees near the rather active traffic area of Taylor Bank and CVS Pharmacy.

Our beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches are very real. Our sunrises and sunsets are real and spectacular as we drive across the Indian River Inlet Bridge. Our smiles and greetings to one another are very real. There is nothing fake about lives and our stories. I do not support a president whose focus is on “fake.” President Trump, please focus on the truth and nothing but the truth… so help you God!


Lloyd E. Elling

Ocean View