A response to Mr. Moeller’s letter


Mr. Moeller’s letter regarding a serious problem in Delaware with litter hit home with this resident. Words cannot adequately express my feelings on this issue. It is disgusting, frustrating, disturbing and irresponsible to see what our landscape has become — a trash heap!

To those who contribute to this mess, should you read this publication, shame on you. You most certainly lack any pride in the state, are ignorant to the environment, and/or just do not give a damn.

There is a solution. First, the general public needs to be made aware of the situation. This can be done by a public-awareness program sponsored by various organizations; by media getting the word out via their means; by educating our children in our schools; by our local and state governments initiating programs to clean up our land and to enlarge the prisoner workforce often seen picking up litter along some of our roads and high-ways.

To those with fields of crops littered with plastic, paper, bottles, etc.: Stress to the field hands the importance of disposing of such. To trash pick-up companies: Emphasize the importance of securing the containers in which their waste is contained. To motorists who dispose of their garbage by throwing it out their vehicle: Have a waste sack to put your bottles, plastic, paper, etc., in and get rid of when reaching your destination.

Folks, these are just a few suggestions that need to be considered. Litter is a problem we can all be involved in to make our communities and state one to be proud of. Food for thought.

Litter is a manmade problem, are you part of the problem?


Jack Rine

Ocean View