Jamboree is approaching, and for a great cause

The annual Springtime Jamboree, presented by the Hocker family to both entertain the community and raise money for a specific local cause, will be presented for the 37th time May 3-4.

For starters, the Jamboree is a fun time, filled with music, laughs and general family entertainment. Sen. Gerald Hocker and his family prepare seriously each year for the Jamboree, and they put on a great show. And they raise serious money for local causes.

Hocker said that last year’s Jamboree raised approximately $30,000 for the Millville fire hall. That is significant for an organization that depends largely on donations and volunteers, and could directly impact the lives of people in this community by assisting our first-responders.

This year’s recipient is the Fenwick Island Lions Club, a local branch of a national organization that provides scholarships for local students, assisting those in need of eyeglasses, supporting the food bank at the Pyle Center and is working with the Delaware State Police on renovations at Camp Barnes.

Truly a worthy cause, and an organization worth rallying around.

If you’ve been to a previous Springtime Jamboree, then you know what to expect. If not, get out to one and find out for yourself. In the process, you can help out a local organization that helps so many.

Our community is better because of things like the Jamboree, and organizations like Camp Barnes and the Fenwick Island Lions Club. Let’s support them.