In last week’s Coastal Point, we attributed South Bethany Mayor Timothy Saxton as saying there are two new rates, $1.01 or $1.07, based on a household using more or less than 250 gallons per year. It should have read that, “The $1.01 and $1.07 is a deviation over Sharp’s cost for fuel.”

 We also butchered a name in another story, calling Millville Town Councilmember Sharon Brienza, “Susan.”

In the April 19, 2019, article “Community management firm offers tips for local HOAs,” Trent Harrison’s workplace was incorrectly listed as FirstState Residential. He is a market president at FirstService Residential. 

We apologize for the mistakes and promise to do better in the future. Aim all anger and frustration at our editor — he’s the one who screwed these up so horribly.