Olde Tymers Softball opens its 22nd year of action

The Olde Tymers Softball League held its Opening Day to commemorate its 22nd year of play on Tuesday, April 30, and also announced the names of nine individuals that a part of their inaugural Hall of Fame class.

The Hall of Fame inductees will be honored at the first annual banquet on Saturday, Aug. 17, at the American Legion Post #28 in Oak Orchard from 1-5 p.m. Cost for the banquet is $15 per person or $25 for couple with a cash bar available.

Those individuals selected for the Hall of Fame include Gary Meredith (posthumously, was represented by his wife Betty), Harriet Mair, Don “Ducky” Clements, Tom Harvey, Bob Schaffer, Bob “Bubba” Stack, Frankie Williams, Roger Howard, and Jimmy Wright. Both Howard and Wright had previous engagements, and were not able to attend the opening ceremonies for the announcement.

The OTS Hall of Fame Committee spent more than the past year researching, talking with past players and community members, and just doing their due diligence to make sure that they came up with the most deserving for this very first class. The members of the committee included Johnny Walker, Steve Unger, Steve Carey and Pat Carey.

There are 13 teams with 12 players on each to bring the league’s total players to 156 for this season. Unger announced during the opening ceremonies that there is a waiting list of more than 100 players as well.

The team rosters and their sponsors are as follows:

American Legion #24: John Allen, Bucky Wicklein, Bill Barry, Russ Buffalo, Brant Collins, Gary Delaney, Don Fulkoski, George Hunt, Charlie Laskowski, Bill Moore, Frank Sica, and Wally Siegfried.

Edward Jones: Dick Mullins, Paul Litwin, Harvey Aviles, George Caban, Chris Davis, Ed Gole, Neil Leary, Paul Moloney, Lou Schifano, George Slack, Tom Wendorf, and Marshall Wood.

American Legion #28: Keith Purdy, Mark Potter, Bruce Berard, Tom Farrah, Sam Harrell, Mike Luke, Don Matzkin, Larry O’Laughlin, Rick Peccia, Dieter Rosellen, Jim Singel, and Dave Wright.

Fox’s Pizza Den: Bob Miller, Guy Burd, Bob Broderick, Rick Chamberlin, Barry Mederick, Patrick Panuska, Frank Powers, Brian Reichley, Ron Shew, Mike Smolark, Dave Thomas, and Ron Weber.

Atlantic Orthopedic: Steve Carey, John Smart, John Bennett, Carl Cabel, Ron Dillard, Dave Grimshaw, Frank Kerns, Ray Myers, Tom Pirring, Frank Sorbera, Herb Sutcliffe, and Walt Yatko.

LogoMotive: Joe Royster, Gene McCloskey, Bill Ardito, Bill Bowser, Nick D’Archangelo, Dave Dinges, Andy Duhon, Rick Duncan, Mike O’Neill, Joe Rose, Joe Sidlowski, and Don Webster.

B & E Tires: Grady Meredith, Neil Fleming, Jesse Bare, Bob Coyner, Joe Deramo, John Gill, Mike McClatchey, Joe Oswald, Paul Schaffran, Bruce Smith, Ed Smith, and Bucky Speaks.

Millsboro Lanes: Steve Unger, Ed Givens, Dave Archer, Rich Burke, Bob Davis, Frank Emig, John Engelmeyer, Grant Lehman, Lance O’Connell, Carl Pierce, Tom Wallace, and Ed West.

Bin 66: Don Hillock, Ron James, Bob Argonish, Charlie Bell, Jim Cheseroni, Rick Claypoole, Rich Hammen, Peter Jensen, Joh Lennon, Dennis Nemeth, Larry Redding, and Dave Sroka.

Ocean View Family Restaurant: John Walker, Bob Larsen, Mike Cavallini, Ducky Clements, Dennis Dezelon, Chuck Emerson, Lenny Gray, Bob Helland, Al Hook, Joe Howe, Mike Mahon, and Tim Redding.

Colonial East: Dave Lovelace, Bill Straughan, Steve DiLouie, Dean Enslein, Wally Kohl, Harry Leibig, Brian Marrin, John O’Donnell, Buddy Robinson, Terry Shifflett, Pat Sullivan, and Jim White.

Pivot Physical Therapy: Bo Wood, Dave Boyajian, Sky Brady, Dan Collins, Tom Faulkner, Mike Fleetwood, Jeff Levan, Warren Lloyd, John Mancuso, Skip McComas, Gary Sadera, and Terry Thomas.

Community Bank: Ed Sternberg, Chuck Plitt, Harry Banks, Vince Daley, John Dunworth, Jerry Foley, Gary Hayden, Steve Adams, Pete Marino, Phil Martin, Jim Mathis, and Rick Rodgers.

The league plays its games on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 9 a.m. at the Dagsboro Church of God “Field of Dreams” Complex. Established as a senior softball league back in 1998, the OTS has featured men and women ages 60 and older over the years.


By Jason Feather

Staff Reporter