Reader says politicians failed District


There has been a plea from IRSD for reasons why the recent school board referendum has been rejected again.

We know for a fact many “no” votes were cast because of the failure of Congress to revise the current immigration laws. The present laws allow non-citizens to overcrowd our schools and the legal citizens to pay for this overcrowding that will not come to an end. We are paying for people who do not belong here illegally and our Dover representatives and senators are taking for granted we will continue to pay and keep paying instead of working with the president and change immigration laws.

We don’t care if you like him or not. The money comes from our pockets. If immigration laws change for the better, in the long run, it will cost citizens less. The IRSD fight is not with the citizens of Sussex County. It is with the legislators, especially the senators, in Dover and D.C. We hope the IRSD is not planning any “taxation without representation” future measures.


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rossano

Ocean View