Reader does not pick ‘New Voices’ in election


On May 25, South Bethany will hold an election to fill four council seats. There are a group of individuals running for these seats under the banner of “New Voices.”

It has been my observation over the past year that these “New Voices,” along with a disgruntled South Bethany ex-mayor, have participated in a campaign, via mailers and social media, to misrepresent the current Council’s position on the police department. No one seems to recall that the police department’s issues came to a head under the ex-mayor, with the police submitting a legal complaint letter to the Town. This was followed by the initiation and final recommendations of two studies on the police department. At that time, the decision was made to redact some of the most relevant recommendations needed to improve the department. So, transparency became a second issue that touched nerves.

Under the current mayor, the “New Voices” made the issues surrounding the police department and the transparency issue worse with letters and social media postings that were inaccurate and resulted in an increased level of acrimony and insecurity among town residents. A negative communication campaign of this nature has never been seen in this town.

I will not be voting for the “New Voices.” I will be voting for Dick Oliver, Carol Stevenson, Frank Weisgeberger and Jerry Masciello. I have had the opportunity to interface and serve on various Town committees with several of these individuals, and I find them to be experienced, thoughtful and fact-based in their approach to this Town’s management. Their voices are the right voices for this Town.


John Stefani

South Bethany