Truitt takes the reins as mayor of Millsboro

Michelle Truitt was elected mayor of Millsboro by unanimous town council vote on Monday, July 1, during the annual reorganization of the council. She replaces Mayor John Thoroughgood, who has held the position four years.

At the meeting, a congratulatory Thoroughgood pronounced Truitt mayor, led applause from the council and audience, and invited her to trade seats with him, bringing her to the center of the platform.

Councilman Tim Hodges, who represents District 1, was named vice-mayor.

Truitt, 48, has taught at Millsboro Middle School 26 years and currently teaches social studies. She and her husband, Robert, are parents of two daughters, 16-year-old Lindy and 13-year-old Leigha, both attending Sussex Academy.

Truitt represents Millsboro’s District 3, the area west of Route 113.

“I knew Mayor Thoroughgood was looking to step down, and we had been working together. I knew he wanted to do more traveling,” Truitt told the Coastal Point.

“I have been on several committees, serving with him. I’ve been on the council with him. He’s been with me the entire time. I enjoy working with him and seeing his projects through,” she said.

Truitt said she wants to see the new town hall and police department buildings completed, while working to “keep up with the growth we have in Millsboro and being sure we are serving the residents as efficiently as possible.”

There are seven council members, with two representing each of the three districts and one at-large. District 1 is north of Route 24 and east of Route 113. District 3 is south of Route 24 and east of Route 113.

Council members serve three-year terms, with terms being staggered, so there are never more than three going off the council at one time.

Millsboro is operated with a council-town manager form of government, so the mayor is analogous to president of the the town council. The town manager is the town executive and the bridge between the political side of the council and the municipality.

The council-town manager type of government began about 100 years ago, during the Progressive Movement, Millsboro Town Manager Sheldon Hudson explained.


By Susan Canfora

Staff Reporter